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Lyrra is a folk botanist, hide tanner, and fiber artist rooted in the ecologies of the Southeast & Mid-Atlantic regions. Her work emerges from a lifelong study of the plants and animals of these landscapes and the simple immersion of living close to them— cutting wood, carrying water, living in simple structures like tents and cabins, cultivating wild and domestic plants into a blur that erases their distinctions, raising animals, and processing roadkill.

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Lyrra has taught nature based classes since 2014, and has facilitated plant walks since 2009. She mainly teaches adults, in both public & private classes, both indoors & outdoors. 


Lyrra’s special focuses include resilient, bio-regionally sensible plant foods, an animistic approach to animal dismemberment that involves using nearly all the parts of the body, bioregional hide tanning, and bioregional fiber arts.

Lyrra has an educational background in ethnobotany and visual art from the Evergreen State College in Washington State, from which she holds a Bachelor's degree. She has also trained in energetic and breath-based healing arts, from 2010 to the present.


Lyrra is also a spinner, writer, tattooer, occasional goatherd, herbalist, and lover of walking. She is ever learning, expanding, and deepening her understanding of these many crafts, while finding that they sprout more questions and mysteries than there are stars. 

She is driven by a bottomless love for the plants and creatures of the Southeast, as well as a desire to help reweave relationships between human and non-human communities, by both pulling from the past and immersing in the cultural hybridization of the present. In her work, Lyrra hopes to support the re-emergence of village life generations in the future.


The landscapes with which Lyrra has the closest relationship include the Appalachian mountain and Piedmont regions of the “US” from Maryland to Georgia, as well as the coastal zones of the deep South, including Florida.


Inquire about class registrations, sales, or other questions by email. 

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