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Guidelines for Commissions

Lyrra takes a small number of selected commissions each year. Availability for commissions varies by season. Before inquiring about a commission, please read the following guidelines.



The size, thickness, species, age, condition, & location of your hide are important factors which influence whether or not it is suitable for tanning by commission. Hides which have been stored frozen for longer than one year are seldom suitable for tanning, but may be suitable for rawhide. Fur hides are rarely accepted for commission. Buckskin garment construction is not available by commission.

Species of animal skins Lyrra does not accept for commission:

Cow, bear, pig, beaver, wool sheep (hair-on), otter, elk, moose, buffalo/bison, mountain goat, mule deer, large sized white tail deer (medium & small are okay), skunk, cottontail rabbit, birds

Species of skins which may be considered for commission (hair-off): 

White tail deer, sheep, & goat (medium & small sized); coyote; fox; possum; domestic rabbit; coon; squirrel (grey, fox, & red); chipmunk, rat, reptiles & amphibians



Hand spinning of animal fibers, especially fringe species, is available by commission. Fiber species include but are not limited to: dog, domestic cat, possum, coon, fox, coyote, goat, camel, & rabbit. 

Categories of Commissions:

*the cost of a commission is per individual hide, and varies based upon the species, size, thickness, age, & condition of the hide. For a range of cost estimates, click here

Small Ruminant (white tail deer, sheep, goat)

-Rawhide (grain-on or grain-off)

-Vegetable tanned grain leather (hair-off) 

-Vegetable tanned suede (grain-off)

-*Braintan buckskin not available by commission

Small Mammals (coyote, fox, possum, coon, etc.)

-Vegetable tanned grain leather (hair-off)

-Rawhide (grain-on only)

-*fur-on hides rarely available by commission

Extra Small Hides (squirrel, chipmunk, bullfrog, etc.)

-Vegetable tanned grain leather (hair-off)

-Rawhide (squirrels only)

-Vegetable tanned fur-on sometimes available

Animal Hair Fibers

*Hand spinning available for mammal hairs including but not limited to: goat, domestic cat, dog, rabbit, coon, fox, coyote, possum, camel. Prices are by weight per ounce.

-single spun by drop spindle (arrives wound on a wooden spool)

-2-ply yarn by drop spindle (arrives as a hank)

Inquire about a commission by email. Please include details such as the species of animal, the manner in which it is stored (frozen, wet salted, dry salted), the age of the hide, and the style of leather you are envisioning. 


Below estimates reflect common ranges for various skin and hair categories. To determine an exact price, most hides must be inspected in person.

Small ruminants tanned-  $500-750

Small ruminants rawhide-  $200-300

Small mammals hair-off veg tanned-  $250- 550

Small mammals rawhide-  $100- 250

Extra small hides hair-off veg tanned-  $100- 150

Animal fibers single spun-  $40- 60 per ounce

Animal fibers 2-ply yarn-  $50- 75 per ounce

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