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How to Schedule:

Consultations by phone are available for the subject of home tanning, and can often be scheduled within 1-3 days. Inquire about a phone consultation by email. In your email, please include a brief description of the hide or issue you are having trouble with, such as noting the species, size of the hide (large versus small), and method of tanning (eg. braintanning, vegetable tanning, combination tanning, hair-on, or hair-off). 


Video consultations are not currently available.


Tanning help by phone

Want troubleshooting with tanning a hide? 

Get personalized help over the phone.

$20 for 1/2 hr

On these topics:

  • vegetable tanning grain-on leather (bark tanning)

  • vegetable tanning small fur hides or large hair-on hides

  • vegetable tanning grain-off suede

  • braintanned (egg tanned) buckskin

  • grain-on buckskin

  • braintanning furs

  • combination tanned hides

  • rawhide

For these animals: 

white tail deer, fox, coon, possum, squirrel, coyote, domestic rabbit, sheep (hair off), other small mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians 

*Lyrra cannot offer adequate advice on cow hides, beaver, extra large ruminants (like bison, moose, elk, etc.), & braintanning wool sheep hides.

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