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Day, Month Date

10am- 5pm

Location, MD

Workshop description:

Come meet and learn to love one of the most useful wild growing plants of the Mid-Atlantic: Yucca filamentosa. As fiber, soap, food, and more, yucca is a friend to travelers and lovers of the wild.

Together we'll harvest and learn various ways to process yucca leaves into cordage (string), discuss rope making, and also make saponifying yucca "soap" for washing. You'll learn about other species of yucca, the root and flowers, and thorns. 

You'll go home with one or more lengths of finished yucca fiber string, and a new green friend you'll start to see everywhere.


We will meet for this workshop in a natural area of Parkville, MD, to harvest yucca. Afterwards, we'll head to the apothecary (about a 26 min drive) to spend the rest of the afternoon processing the yucca and making cordage.


Participants are welcome to meet at 12pm in Parkville, or to meet at the apothecary (in Upper Fells Point) at 11:30am to carpool. 

What to bring:

Bring drinking water, and a non-serrated outdoor knife if you have one (if you don't, don't worry. the instructor will have extras).

Register for the class:

To register for this workshop email

Registration is $30 per person, and can be made by PayPal, check, or cash. Payment must be made ahead of the class to confirm your spot. 

Space is limited to 7 participants. 


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