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Way of the Gatherers

food, fiber, & medicine plants

 of the Mid-Atlantic Piedmont 

a 3-month mentorship

Spring 2020

Baltimore County, MD

9 class days, April - June (72 hr course)

Saturdays, 9am- 5pm

About the course:

Learn to know and love the wild plants in the way of the peasants, Travelers, gypsies, & earth centered people of the world. Who tend the whole earth as one sacred garden.

Spring is a time of abundance as the earth brings forth nutritious wild greens, shoots, flowers, and berries. It is a time of overflowing salad bowls and baskets, steamed and boiled green vegetables, herb and berry wines, edible flowers, & the drying of herbs for the medicine cabinet. 

Whether you are a householder or wanderer, city dweller or homesteader, the fruits and magic of the earth are yours, to learn and to carry with you always, and to give to the generations to come.

Ecologies of the Mid-Atlantic Piedmont

Foundations in Botany & Plant Taxonomy

Wild Edible Plants

Simple Plant Medicines

Keeping a Nature Journal

Wild Tending

Ethical Wildcrafting

Ethnobotanical Lifeways of Nomadic Peoples of the World

Preparing & Cooking Wild Plant Foods

Understanding Wood & Making a Cook Fire

Basic Knife Skills & Whittling

Drying & Storing Medicinal Herbs

Wild Plant Fibers for Cordage (String) & More

Soap Plants

Folk Herb & Fruit Wine Making


Class days take place entirely outdoors, in various ecosystems in natural areas of Baltimore County, Maryland. Class locations generally range from Parkville (to the South), Kingsville (to the East), Hereford (to the North), and Cockeysville (to the West). Ocassionally a class may take place as far north as Freeland, MD. 

Participants will receive a schedule of class locations at the beginning of the mentorship. This schedule may shift a little according to the weather of the season and the growth cycles of various plants. 

For some class locations, a bathroom or port-o-pot may be on site, while other locations not. If you don't know how to use the facilities of the woods, no worries. This will be covered in the first day of class. 


Each class day will include the harvesting and processing of least one wild plant species, and preparing it for food or tea for lunch. Please bring a lunch to each class day. We will supplement it with wild salads, vegetables, and teas relevant to the season.

Every class will include lessons in botany, plant taxonomy, and ecology specifically related to wild plant harvesting and tending methods and ethics. 

Outside of class meeting days, participants will have some readings, videos, and plant journalings to continue learning from at home throughout the weeks of the course.


Classes meet for (9) Saturdays from April through June.

Hours are 9am- 5pm.

(4) Rain/snow dates are scheduled for Sundays, in the event that a Saturday class must be cancelled due to weather

Saturday Class Days: 

April 4, 11, 18, May 2, 9, 23, 30, June 13, 27

Sunday Rain/snow Dates:

April 26, May 17, June 21, June 28


Course tuition is $460 (about $6.50 per class hour)

Once your application is accepted, a $200 deposit holds your space in the course. Full tuition is due March 14th (3 weeks before the start of the course). 

This course is limited to 10 participants. 


To apply for this course, please answer the following questions and email them to

1. Why do you want to participate in this course?

2. What are you hoping to learn or accomplish over the three months?

3. What background or experience, if any, do you have in herbalism, ethnobotany, gardening, permaculture, farming, botany, plant taxonomy, wild foods, earthskills, or nature crafts? 

4. Are you able to attend all the scheduled class days?

5. Do you have any questions?

What this course is not:

This course is not a training in medicinal herbalism. For local herbalism programs in the Mid-Atlantic area, see the offerings of OHerbal Medicine (herbalist Olivia Fite), Wild Ginger Herbal Center (herbalist Molly Meehan-Brown), and Little Red Bird Botanicals (herbalist Holly Poole-Kavana).

What Past Participants Have Said:

"I want to thank you so much for starting me on this journey of learning and connecting with nature, it's had a such a huge influence on my life, I feel like I've put a name to a part of myself that's always been there, and now I'm able to nurture it and help it grow. I've been studying narrative medicine a lot lately too, and I feel like all the elements of my future are coming together like a puzzle. you're a wonderful teacher."


"So glad I had the opportunity to take this class."


This is an amazing course!! If you ever wanted to learn more about foraging and plant identification take it.


"...I really feel that this class had increased my self confidence and helped me feel more empowered.  I am actually able to better manage stress by going out into nature and feel more comfortable doing so.


“Thank you so much for guiding my introduction to herbalism! I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.”



"I cannot recommend [this course] enough...Thank you so much for sharing yourself and your knowledge with us, lugging dishes, teacups, boiling bamboo shoots prior to class. You made everything look so easy, although I know you put much time into the lessons. You have built my confidence and laid down a foundation on which I can build in so many directions...You are inspirational!"


"Reclaim your inner wild child! Renew your sense of wonder in the natural world! Dive in and get to know your plant neighbors, their wild and sometimes unfamiliar tastes, and their incredible medicinal qualities! Take this opportunity to learn with a seasoned forager! You'll learn to identify plants that you can bring home to eat at the dinner table, make medicinal salves and tinctures, and readily distinguish safe and ethical harvesting methods, so that you can take care of your self and our environment." 


"Thanks Victoria, this class was really incredible, I am so pleased to have it as a foundation to continue my education in nature. I hope you forage for yourself some very good things in your journey, you deserve them." 


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