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have your cat or dog's fur spun into yarn 

cat fur ad edited 1.jpg

Save your cat or dog's fur from regular brushings, & Lyrra will hand spin it by drop spindle into single yarn (for weaving), or 2-ply yarn (for knitting or crochet). Inquire about other animal species.


2-ply yarn will arrive as a skein (see photo above). Single yarn will arrive wound around a wooden spool. 

Yarn details: the skein of 2-ply yarn in the lower half of the above photo is about 20 grams of fur, about 1mm thick, and approximately 135 ft long. This is the only width of 2-ply yarn I can spin from cat fur to make sure that the yarn is strong. If you need a thicker yarn, I can 4-ply it (this will reduce the overall length).

What to do: Brush your animal & save the fur that you pull out of the brush. (Do not wash it). If the fur is especially dandruffy, I can't remove all of the dandruff, but much of it falls out in the spinning process. Once you have gathered the amount of fur you want, mail it to me. I will wash, card, & spin the fur, then mail it back to you.   

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a close-up of the 1mm thick 2-ply cat yarn, spun by drop spindle


a sample of 2-ply cat hair yarn in Tunisian crochet (light colored brown above), & 2-ply goat hair yarn (darker brown color below). 

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