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Learn Botany 101

A 1-Day Immersion for Beginners

Sunday, April 19

9am- 4pm

OHerbals Apothecary, Baltimore MD

Workshop description:

Don't know how to use a field guide? Do Latin names make you glaze over? Do you feel like you're at a plateau or impasse in your ability to identify plants?

You just need some basics in botany and plant taxonomy. Don't worry, we won't even mention pistils and stolons, and won't dissect anything. If you can't take a longer plant course, this one day botany blitz can help you fill in the gaps in your independent learning. 

This is the foundational run-down of botany you can actually use everyday to help you identify plants, understand them better, and use field guide books with honest enjoyment and ease.

We'll cover:

Taxonomic classification

Binomial nomenclature

What are plant families?

Leaf arrangment 

Leaf types

Root types

Flower types & inflorescences


Growth habits (annuals, perennials, & biennials)

6 common plant families

Some common species names & what they mean

Woody vs. herbaceous

Deciduous vs. evergreen

What's a node & why should I care?

How to use a dichotomous key


Morning will be spent in the classroom at the apothecary, using lecture, handouts, and Q&A.

After lunch, in the afternoon, we'll walk to Patterson Park to practice applying the morning's botany and taxonomy to living plants.

Register for the workshop:

To register for this workshop email

Registration is $50 per person, and can be made by PayPal, check, or cash. Payment must be made ahead of the class to confirm your spot. 

Space for this workshop is limited to 8 students.


What to bring:

Please bring a food dish for a potluck lunch at the apothecary. The apothecary has a full kitchen with stove, oven, pots & pans if you need to heat anything up, and plates & utensils. Tea, water, & coffee will already be provided in the apothecary. 

It is recommended that you bring a notebook, and pen or pencil, because we will be covering a lot of material! A packet of handouts will also be provided for you to take notes on.  

About the Venue:

OHerbals Apothecary is a private healing space located in Upper Fells Point, near Patterson Park. The apothecary is fairly small, so expect the living room/classroom space to be cozy! Since half of this workshop will take place outside at the park, please dress in layers appropriate to the weather.

OHerbals Apothecary Baltimore Maryland
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