Edible, Medicinal, Magical & Useful Wild Plants

Listen to the plants, the moon, the sun, the grasshoppers, the animals & the birds, and they'll be in your heart forever.

Plant Walks

Plant walks are a fun, informal, and hands-on way to learn about the wild plants in your area from someone who knows them well. Whether you are just beginning your learning about the green world, are new to an area or ecosystem, or simply delight to hear more stories and perspectives on plants you already know well, plant walks are a wonderful way to learn and to meet like-minded folks. For those on or beginning a green path, going on plant walks with as many different instructors as you can is one of the best ways to expand perspective & learning. 

Plant walks are 3- 4 hours long, and take place entirely outdoors in many kinds of weather. Please dress accordingly, bring water, and a notebook, camera, snacks, or anything else you would like to feel comfortable. 

Victoria has organized & offered plant walks since 2009. Topics may include wild plant foods; medicinal plants; harvesting methods; plants for basic needs and crafts; & basic botany & taxonomy. Victoria does not teach the concept of invasiveness.


Private Instruction

Want more focused instruction? A private plant walk on your land or any other chosen location can be tailored to your unique desires for learning and at your chosen pace. Private walks can range anywhere from 2 hours to 5 hours. 


Would you like a group plant walk tailored to your club, school, or other organization? Private walks can typically accommodate up to 20 people, and can focus on topics related to your group's interests or learning goals.   

Inquire about private instruction for individuals or groups by email. 




Upcoming Walks :

Edible, Medicinal, & Useful Wild Plant Walk of Autumn

Sunday, Oct 11

12pm- 4pm

@ Charlottesville, VA (Monticello area)

Autumn is the harvest season, and the wild meadows, fields, & forests are a grand abundance of wild fruits, nuts, herbs, and late blooming flowers. We'll explore meadow and forest typical of the Mid-Atlantic Piedmont region and meet food plants like black walnut, spicebush, persimmon, hickory, pawpaw, hackberry, honey locust, hog peanut, & autumn olive, and herbs like goldenrod, sassafras, life everlasting, & wild carrot. Learn what makes each of these green beings so magnificent and of such deep value to human life. We'll keep our eyes open for mushrooms and birds as well.  

Each walk is $20 per person. 

To register email Victoria at StormsofDaylight@gmail.com

Registration is by Paypal. Trail location & parking directions will be emailed to registered participants. 

Bring: We'll be covering a bit of distance on this walk, so please bring water, comfortable trail shoes, and layers you can take on and off as you warm up and cool down. You might also consider bringing a snack, a notebook or camera for taking notes if desired.

Health & Safety Protocol:

Mask wearing is required for this plant walk. Participants must agree to strive to keep bodily distance of 6 feet as much as possible. Thank you for your understanding and help with this in order to protect those most vulnerable in our communities. 

To help us keep physical space, I am limiting the number of participants in this walk to 6 people. So please register early if you would like to attend. 

Questions? Email me at stormsofdaylight@gmail.com


About Victoria's relationship to plants:

Victoria studied Ethnobotany & Western herbal medicine at the Evergreen State College in Washington state, where she graduated in 2011. After college she pursued hands-on learning and rigorous self study in permaculture, plant spirit medicine, wild edible plants, primitive skills, and earthskills/rewilding, and has enjoyed much time living close to the land in a spectrum of urban, rural, and off-grid landscapes. Here in the living of everyday life are her relationships to plants created and deepened, through extensive gardening, foraging, wildcrafting, wild tending, and the harvesting of plant material for crafts and tasks ranging from basketry to hide tanning to fiber processing to dyes to fire to primitive tattooing to tool making. Ever traveling, her meeting of new plants and landscapes sprout perpetual wonder, experimentation, devotion, and awe.

The landscapes and ecologies with which Victoria is most familiar are the Southeastern Appalachians, piedmont, & lowcountry, the Mid-Atlantic, Florida (which is basically its own country), the Northeast, and the Pacific Northwest. 


On the subjects of plants and earth based living Victoria has had more teachers than she could possibly ever count. In recent years, she is grateful to have learned from Samuel Thayer, Doug Elliot & Yanna Fishman, and such Florida plant nuts as Green Deane, Andy Firk, and Michael Adler.

Articles & Media:

Alive and Awake, by April Bartel, Fox Haven Farm & Learning Center, 2017 (article)

The Forager's Apprentice, Episode 1617 of The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann (audio interview)

Part 2 (of above interview), Episode 1636 of The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann (audio interview)

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