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Japanese Indigo Fresh Leaf Dyeing

Sunday, April 12

10am- 3:30pm

Location, Baltimore, MD

from the garden

Workshop description:

Come meet Persicaria tinctoria, also known as Japanese indigo. Learn how to grow, harvest, and save seed from this amazing annual dye plant here in the Mid-Atlantic, so that you can start a yearly patch of your own.


Together we will harvest fresh leaves from the indigo patch and process them by hand into a frothy fresh-leaf dye bath-- the simplest and most direct method to dye using Japanese indigo. Bring animal fibers to dye-- like wool, cashmere, or silk. Clothing items, pieces of fabric, raw fibers, or spun skeins will all work! If you are bringing a particularly large item, email the instructor beforehand to see if we will have enough dye bath for it.

You are welcome to bring plant fiber material to try dyeing- like cotton or flax- but know that the color will likely fade from sun exposure and washings. 


Fresh leaf indigo dyeing using this method makes light, sky blue colors (rather than deep navy).

Participants will each go home with seeds from Lyrra's indigo, to plant the following Spring. 




What to bring:

This workshop includes a group potluck lunch. Because we will be tending the fresh dye baths for several hours, a rolling, snacking lunch is encouraged, where some folks can take breaks while others tend the dye baths and vice versa! Please bring something to contribute to the lunch. Finger foods are particularly great! Other ideas: bread, cheese, butter, salad, sliced meats, egg salad or boiled or deviled eggs, rice dishes, fruit, bean salads, crackers, etc.

Please also bring an individual eating bowl or plate, cup, & utensil.

Also bring your fabric to dye!

Register for the workshop:

To register for this workshop email

Registration is $40 per person, and can be made by PayPal, check, or cash. Payment must be made ahead of the class to confirm your spot. 

Space is limited to 8-10 participants. 


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