Fat Rendering

a worship of tallows & lards for cooking, candles, & more

Sunday, March 8

10am- 5pm

Mount Washington, Baltimore MD

Workshop description:

Learn to render animal fat in the old fashioned way, which is with a group of hands and hearts working together in the kitchen all day long. We'll render a pile of locally raised grass fed beef fat from a local small farm, and also some pig fat, into tallow and lard. 

You'll learn the differences between tallows and lards, the qualities of fat from many species of animal, how to cut fat, render fat, and store and use finished rendered fat. We'll also discuss the many, nearly endless uses of fat, and make some simple tallow candles, with hand-made wicks from the plants of the wild meadows. 

You'll go home with at least one large jar (likely more) of finished rendered fat, a candle, a whole lot of learning, and maybe a deep appreciation for this substance which is the true gold of the earth.

What to bring:

Please bring a dish for a simple & casual potluck lunch. We'll be working throughout the day with plenty of breaks, so hot and cold dishes and snack food will all be great. 

You are also encouraged to bring any clean glass jars with lids that fit (they don't have to fit air-tight), if you have them, to fill with finished lard or tallow, and also tiny sized jars, glass, or ceramic containers to pour candles into. Extra jars will be provided at the workshop if you don't have any. 

Register for the workshop:

To register for this workshop email StormsofDaylight@gmail.com

Registration is $50 per person, and can be made by PayPal, check, or cash. Payment must be made ahead of the class to confirm your spot.


Space is limited to 5 participants.

About the Venue:

This workshop takes place in a private home in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. The address and parking directions will be sent by email to the registered participants.