Deer Leather Pouch Sewing

Instructors: Willa Moore & Lyrra Magda


Sat & Sun, September 3- 4th

Brooks, Maine


About the class:

Join us and the deer to learn basic leather stitching with brain tanned buckskin and vegetable tanned deer leather. We’ll make bone awls and metal awls, process sinew and leather cord for thread, and cut and sew patterns from deer hides Lyrra & Willa tanned. A rare and beautiful opportunity to take a deep dive into radically land based crafting.

Day 1: Making metal awls & deer bone awls

Day 2: Sewing leather pouches


10 am Saturday September 3 through 6 pm Sunday September 4th


Location: Brooks, Maine (specific location given up on registration)


Class fee: $180 

Materials fee: students can purchase leather at $45 per square foot (any size), or are welcome to bring their own home tanned hides.


Class size limit: 6 people


To save your spot contact

*if you would like to attend this class & the cost is prohibitive, contact us.

More details:

If you have a larger or different leather sewing project you would like to work on instead, get in touch with us ahead of time to consult with us to pattern and begin your dream project.


This class takes place entirely outdoors in a very simple & rustic setting. We’ll be working mostly on the ground (though you are welcome to bring a chair and/or extra cushions), or under a tarp shelter. Bathroom is a very simple out-house in the woods. 


Meals: Dinner on Saturday & breakfast on Sunday will both be provided (morning will be a simple eggs & toast or potatoes, tea & coffee). Lunch on Sat & Sun will be a shared potluck.


Camping: folks are welcome to camp on-site for the two days. You will need to bring your own camping set-up. For questions, get in touch by email (


bags & basket made by Willa Moore.


deer bone tools made by students

Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 5.57.39 PM.png

Willa & Lyrra

Willa & Lyrra are hide tanners & garment makers based on the East coast (Willa in the Northeast & Lyrra in the Southeast). Between the two of them they share a wealth of experience and joy in all things dismemberment arts, particularly with the deer, and many other mammals of the region.