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Poke Tattooing

A gathering & workshop

Sun, Jan. 19, 12pm- 5pm

@ OHerbals Apothecary, Baltimore MD

      ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡

What to expect:

Learn the simple method of tattooing using a single needle or thorn, a technique which has been used for many thousands of years to mark the skin.

How old is tattooing? Why, where, and how have people tattooed across the cultures of the world? What are the tattooing traditions of your own ancestors? And what happened to traditional tattooing?  

We will answer these questions, and others which are more difficult to answer.

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to tattoo yourself (with plenty of help) with a small design. Because the only real way to learn tattooing is to do it! You do not have to tattoo in order to attend this workshop. If you wish simply to observe others you are welcome also. 

How to choose a design:

A simple design that is within the size of a US nickel or dime is recommended. Think about geometric shapes (like a circle or triangle), dots, lines, crosses, stars, and zodiac symbols. Victoria can help you decide on an idea over email or phone before the workshop if you need some help.


Letters or script, pictorial images, grey tone shading, and any design with fine curving lines would not be a good idea for your first tattoo.

Don't worry. Victoria is not going to set you up for failure! Relax, and go easy on yourself! Keep it simple, and it will turn out great.

We will be tattooing in black ink only.  

What to bring:

Please bring a small dish or food item to share for a small potluck at the end of the workshop. This isn't intended to be a big meal, but simply to make sure everyone can have a nibble (meaning good blood sugar levels) before driving home. Finger food like a bowl of fruit, bread & butter, cheese & crackers, and that sort of thing would all be great. If you would like to bring a beverage, cups will be provided.

All other materials for the workshop will be provided. 

Register for the workshop:

Registration is $40 per participant. Payment can be by Paypal, cash, or check, & must be made ahead of the workshop to hold your spot. No walk-ins will be permitted to this workshop.

To register, email, and include any images or ideas for a tattoo if you have them.

This workshop can only accommodate a small number of participants, so if you would like to attend, please get in touch early!

* * * If you have taken this workshop before, and would like a review you're welcome to come free of charge as long as there is space. Please get in touch ahead of time * * * *

      ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡         ♡

Tattoo Registration
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