About Victoria:

Currently based near Esmont, Virginia

 Victoria is a traveler, herbalist, tanner, mystic, writer, tattooer, and craftswoman, who teaches land-based skills throughout the Southeastern "US."


Often living nomadically, Victoria studies and learns from the plants, animals, and landscapes of the Eastern forests, from the Appalachians to the Atlantic coast. In simple, land-based living she seeks for knowledge, healing, and help for humanity's current dark night of the soul. Her special focuses include ethnobotanical relationships with wild plants for food and material needs, animal dismemberment, hide craft, and fiber work.


Through daily, often rustic living, she collects knowledge, skills, and stories about living close to the earth in this modern & changing world. 

Victoria has a Bachelor's degree from The Evergreen State College (2011) in Olympia, WA, where she studied ethnobotany, herbal medicine, visual art, depth psychology, and myth. She has also trained in and practiced energetic healing arts since 2010, including Integrative Breathwork, Usui & Holy Fire® III Reiki, and the Barbara Brennan lineage. 

After undergraduate school, Victoria pursued studies in permaculture, indigenous living skills, traditional (primitive) tattooing arts, and traditional garments.

Victoria has taught public and private classes to adults & youth, individuals & groups, both indoors & outdoors since 2014. She has facilitated plant walks since 2009.

To register for classes, to schedule an appointment, or for questions, email Victoria at StormsofDaylight@gmail.com

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Trade & barter

Victoria sometimes accepts barter items in supplement to or lieu of cash payments for tattoos, hides, or other services. Items she typically welcomes include:  local honey, local natural meats (fresh, aged, or dried) and charcuterie, home-grown vegetables, green (raw) animal skins, fresh or smoked fish, 100% wool blankets, un-rendered animal fat from pastured or naturally raised livestock (such as cow and pig) or wild game (such as bear and deer), rendered lards and tallows from the above, large quantities of vegetable oils (need not be food grade), fresh foul, farm eggs, natural soap, and natural farm cheeses and breads. Need for these items varies, so please inquire ahead of time.