About Victoria:

Beginning June 2020

Victoria will be based in rural central Virginia, near the village of Esmont

 Victoria is a mystic, traveler, herbalist, tanner, teacher, writer, tattooer, and craftswoman.


Living often nomadically, she is inspired to learn from the plants, animals, and landscapes of many different ecosystems and places, collecting as she goes skills, knowledge, and stories about living close to the earth in this modern & changing world. So too does she collect in her heart all of the vagabonds, witches & wizards, healers, crafters, & eccentrics, from the cracks of the mountains to the city streets, who are her large web of family, whom she is blessed to meet, learn from, & depend upon on her way. 

Her education background includes undergraduate studies in Ethnobotany & Western herbal medicine, depth psychology & dreamwork, and visual art at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA; training in such healing arts as Gaia Earth Energy healing in the lineage of Barbara Brennan, Usui & Holy Fire® III Reiki, Cranio-sacral Unwinding, & Integrative Breathwork; and self-driven studies in permaculture, the field of wild edible plants, primitive living skills, Earthskills, rewilding, traditional & primitive tattooing and tattoo ethnography, and the ancient arts of hide tanning & traditional garments.  


Through her largely plant based and healing centered work, Victoria strives to demonstrate the releasing of fear, harmony of divine masculine and divine feminine energies, and living through paradox and surrender. Her connection to nature helps people connect to themselves and to each other.  

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To register for classes, to schedule an appointment, or for questions, Victoria can be reached at StormsofDaylight@gmail.com

Trade & barter

Victoria sometimes accepts barter items in supplement to or lieu of cash payments for tattoos, hides, or other services. Items she typically welcomes include:  local honey, local natural meats (fresh, aged, or dried) and charcuterie, home-grown vegetables, green (raw) animal skins, fresh or smoked fish, 100% wool blankets, un-rendered animal fat from pastured or naturally raised livestock (such as cow and pig) or wild game (such as bear and deer), rendered lards and tallows from the above, large quantities of vegetable oils (need not be food grade), fresh foul, farm eggs, natural soap, and natural farm cheeses and breads. Need for these items varies, so please inquire ahead of time.

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Esmont, VA