About Lyrra:

Currently based near Esmont, Virginia

Lyrra (born Victoria Elizabeth Greba) is a folk botanist. She has dedicated her life to the study of local plants and ecosystems, and to understanding the endless gifts these plants have for human living.


She has taught nature based classes in the Mid-Atlantic & Southeastern regions since 2014, and has facilitated plant walks since 2009. She mainly teaches adults, in both public & private classes, both indoors & outdoors. 

Lyrra is also a tanner, goatherd, nomadic traveler, herbalist, writer, tattooer, spinner, and craftswoman, ever learning, practicing, &  teaching land-based skills.

Lyrra has an educational background in ethnobotany, myth, depth psychology, herbal medicine, and visual art from the Evergreen State College (2011), from which she holds a Bachelor's degree. She has also trained in numerous energetic and breath-based healing arts, under teachers on both the West and East coasts, from 2010 to the present.

Most of Lyrra's learning is devotedly self-taught, over years of land-based living, often in simple structures like tents and cabins, foraging plant foods, gardening, raising animals, and processing roadkill. What fuels her drive is a deep and lifelong love for the plants & ecologies of the Southeast, as well as a resounding urgency to find, model, and help to grow the depth of relationship to land that she believes is required in order for communities (human and non-human) to traverse the tumultuousness of rapid climate change and social & economic decline. 

Her special focuses include tough & resilient plants foods, an animistic approach to animal dismemberment that involves using the entire body, bioregional hide tanning, and bioregional fiber crafts.

The landscapes with which she has the closest relationship include the Appalachian and Piedmont regions from Maryland to Georgia, as well as the coastal zones or "lowcountry" of the deep South, including Florida. 

To register for classes, to schedule an appointment, or for questions, email Lyrra at StormsofDaylight@gmail.com

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Lyrra Magda

Trade & barter

Victoria sometimes accepts barter items in supplement to or lieu of cash payments for tattoos, hides, or other services. Items she typically welcomes include:  local honey, local natural meats (fresh, aged, or dried) and charcuterie, home-grown vegetables, green (raw) animal skins, fresh or smoked fish, 100% wool blankets, un-rendered animal fat from pastured or naturally raised livestock (such as cow and pig) or wild game (such as bear and deer), rendered lards and tallows from the above, large quantities of vegetable oils (need not be food grade), fresh foul, farm eggs, natural soap, and natural farm cheeses and breads. Need for these items varies, so please inquire ahead of time.